Painted Pink Survivors are integral to our cause. We love to celebrate your magic by sharing your stories and creating care kits for Pink Warriors undergoing treatment.
Additionally, we create safe spaces for our survivors to share intimate details about their journey, which curates dialogue and establishes a forever sisterhood.
Furthermore, we endeavor to create a survivor network of the amazing millennial survivors who have shared their story with our audience.

Danika Walker, Survivor Coordinator & diagnosed at 30

In September 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 30. I received many well wishes and gifts over the years, including a lot of journals. One regret I have is not documenting my journey. Writing down my experience would have helped me see just how far I have come emotionally, spiritually and physically. This was one of the many valuable lessons I learned since being diagnosed, one that I’m happy to pass on to you.

Erin Nickson, Diagnosed at 24

Everything happens for a reason. I believe this sentiment with every bone in my body. After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 24, life sped up! My immediate, and only priorities were treatment and living every day to the fullest. After completing a bilateral mastectomy and an intense chemotherapy regimen, I loaded up my car and moved to a new state for a fresh start. Ironically, that new start would bring me right back to my non-profit roots and more fittingly, to the American Cancer Society. I now work with communities and businesses who share my passion for finding a cure for cancer. Through my experience, I help to bring awareness to our mission and raise much needed funds to support programs designed to aid individuals going through the fight of their life!

LaKeisha Thornton, Diagnosed at 38

I was initially misdiagnosed and it later caused the cancer to progress. It’s so important to be your own advocate for your health. Had I just accepted that misdiagnosis and not do anything about it, who knows what would’ve happened.

Felicia Mahone, Diagnosed at 27

Felicia Mahone is a native of Georgia. Unfortunately she knows all too well the personal effects that breast cancer has to offer to one’s life. She lost her mother, two maternal aunts, and two maternal cousins to this dreadful disease. Felicia was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27, the same age that her mother was diagnosed. After surviving the death of her mother, two rapes, and a home invasion; she vowed never to take on the attitude of “why me”, but “why not me”. Felicia’s journey with breast cancer often left her feeling abandoned and alone. Because of this, and the disparities that touched her family, she decided that she would become an advocate for other survivors. She’s now a lay navigator for Grady Memorial Hospital, a state leader for the Young Survival Coalition, a peer partner for Emory Winship Cancer Institute, a member of the survivor committee for American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Walk, a motivational speaker, a national spokesman for Susan G. Komen and serves on the Advisory board for the GA Center of Oncology Research and Education. Felicia has been a strong advocate in trying to bridge the gap with the disparities that African American women face pertaining to breast cancer. Felicia’s life motto is God does not allow pain without purpose. Felicia has been featured in several publications and has won several awards. Felicia often tells her patients “if it didn’t rain, nothing would ever grow!

Lanear Boudoin Snell, Diagnosed at 30

Snell is a redheaded Creole from Edgard, Louisiana. She received her undergraduate degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and her graduate degree from the University of West Georgia. Lanear currently resides in McDonough, Georgia with her husband and two kids, Christopher and Camille. She is employed by Delta Air Lines, so everyday she gets an opportunity to travel the world. In February of 2017, Lanear was diagnosis with metastatic breast cancer while being four months pregnant. She underwent chemotherapy and delivered a healthy baby girl. In addition to receiving two shots regularly, Lanear is on an oral-chemotherapy regiment. She has immersed herself into changing her everyday lifestyle so that she can go into remission.


Whether you are a survivor or in the beginning stages of this journey, we are here for you. If you are looking for a sister circle to share your story, your struggles or triumphs, to laugh or cry, we are here for you!


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